University of Michigan

Crisler Center

"They made me feel like I was a part of Michigan again."

- Cazzie Russell, Former NBA All-Star, University of Michigan Alumni


From its proud past to an ambitious future, the University of Michigan boasts some of the most successful student-athletic programs in history.


Infuse new energy and pride into the Crisler Center (formerly known as the Crisler Arena) by creating an environment where current and past Michigan varsity athletes feel welcomed and honored, plus upgrade an outdated arena to a top-notch basketball facility that is a magnet for fans and recruits.


Beginning with a three-story anthem in honor of Michigan’s commitment to tradition, we helped merge a rich past with emerging technology to turn the Crisler Center into a beacon of sports history and experience. At various points, interactive displays and historical artifacts comingle to convey Michigan’s success stories. Plus, large-scale graphics celebrate Michigan’s varsity sports throughout the concourse, while a custom Maize Rage student entryway welcomes and celebrates some of the most important fans in the building.


The Crisler Center presented a unique challenge in that Michigan wanted to celebrate all 27 of their varsity sports, while still maintaining the feel of a Division I basketball arena. As a result, we had to create specific homes for each sport, without detracting from the excitement and live events held within. Ultimately, we were able to seamlessly integrate our work into the architecture of the renovated arena and help create a modernized space that looked like a brand new arena. A supportive and highly collaborative working relationship with the architect was key to the project's success.


Concept Development

User Experience

Brand Strategy

Art Direction & Design

Front-End Development

Back-End Development

Environmental Design

Technology Systems


Prominently marked on the Crisler Arena concourse, the M vomitory is specially designed to welcome the Maize Rage, Michigan’s boisterous student section.

Concept renderings for renovated Crisler Arena glimpse the range and scale of the new fan experience.

Nearly completed installation of the Great Michigan Moments display on the Crisler Arena concourse.

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