Engagement begins with the invitation to play. Technology continually delivers new and exciting platforms to spark interaction, but they’re hardly the only arrows in our quiver. Interactivity is the relationship, not the device.

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Tracking toward a surprising entry

Utilizing Microsoft’s own Kinect technology, the Canvas Wall recognizes the presence of visitors and delivers content along their path.

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Redefining a gallery experience

With the end product drawing in the user, the story begins, inviting discovery into innovation enabled by Autodesk.

Downstream | Oracle

Bringing gamification to navigation

At the Oracle Canvas Wall, the user’s movement takes the place of touch, as gesturing manipulates the content on the wall.

From our minds to the user’s interaction

Every idea, big or small, is planned for a great user experience. From sketch, to wireframes, to reality, we determine the best path.

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Object recognition helps tell the story

Who doesn’t like to play with blocks? Especially when they launch compelling content. We built a great user experience for Verizon.

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