It all starts with storytelling.

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Beginning with what’s real

For Autodesk we let the final outcome lead the story, as products attract viewers into detailed content about how unique ideas are born and eventually come to fruition.

Downstream | Microsoft Full Story

Telling stories one step at a time

With a multi-faceted company such as Microsoft, we organize content into a series of experiences that make sense to the visitor. In this way the customer journey and company story are one in the same.

Downstream | Tracktown

This was a real page-turner

When Tracktown USA asked us to help with the presentation to bring the 2021 World Championships to Eugene, we threw the book at them. The ultimately successful bid was the perfect end to the chapter.

Downstream | Huskies Full Story

Setting the tone

Our work for the Husky Stadium renovation began with an anthem that guided our design. It spoke to the spirit of University of Washington so well that it became a permanent part of the stadium.

Downstream | Shands Health Care Center

Personal stories with maximum impact

The Shands Health Care Center tells the story of the cancer hospital at University of Florida through its people. Multi-media content reveals moving portraits of volunteers, employees and donors.

Downstream | Pac-12

Multiple layers for a singular display

The history of the conference in 12 lines, static graphics of key milestones, and projected statistics that can be updated as needed. That’s the Power of 12 Wall, created for the Pac-12 headquarters.

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