Juniper Networks

Executive Briefing Center

"Something that's fun - leads to something that's used - leads to something important"

Rami Rahim, Chief Executive Officer, Juniper Networks


Juniper Networks offers high-performance network solutions for service providers, enterprises and the public sector.


Create a customer experience at company headquarters in Sunnyvale, California, that showcased capability, industry thought leadership, and the ethos of connecting your ideas. Juniper Networks wanted to demonstrate the power of their network solutions, which capitalize on the new pace of innovation and provide the intelligence to connect data to ideas, and ideas to real business value.


We collaborated with Juniper Networks teams to build a customer experience around the idea of showcasing real data in real time. Beginning at the main entry, we created the Terrastream, an ambitious light sculpture fashioned from hundreds of light tubes patterned after the world map, with an interactive dashboard that allows visitors to control and explore various views of real-time data. Additionally, to support this authentically collaborative experience, we designed both formal and informal workspaces to promote two-way conversations, plus interactive platforms to facilitate collective sharing and in-depth demonstrations, and track the buzz of industry thought leaders.


The expression of the network and data visualizations on such a heroic scale helped advance the thinking of what activates a more engaging brand experience. This truly extensive sculptural installation required multiple prototypes, both digital and full-scale mock-ups, before we could bring the concept to reality. Combining the human, physical and digital elements provided a customer engagement that is not only memorable, but also rooted in brand and company culture.


Concept Development

Brand Strategy

User Experience

Data Visualization

Front-End Development

Back-End Development

Environmental Design

Art Direction & Design

Interior Design


Technology Systems


TerraStream’s touch screen kiosk invites visitors to play and explore data visualizations that illuminate across a giant chandelier that manifests an artful map of the world.

Each light tube of the TerraStream acts as a pixel that comes to life in data visualizations that express the reach of our more connected world that Juniper’s network empowers.

A Week of Earthquakes is one of a dozen examples of man-made and natural global events that visitors can select and watch play out across the TerraStream.

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