Safety and Security

"Through the new Threat Center, consumers and businesses alike will find the tools they need to learn and react more rapidly to evolving threats."

Stuart McClure, Senior Vice President of Global Threats, McAfee, Inc.


McAfee is an American computer security software company, and the world's largest dedicated security technology company.


As a company that protects clients from cyber attacks, McAfee needed an experience to help connect this intangible idea with physical reality—in an environment that fostered a sense of security and was warm and inviting.


From artifacts within the space to the seating arrangements and custom LED light wall, we helped McAfee highlight their sophisticated attack-prevention system across every detail of the environment. McAfee’s history is portrayed through an interactive timeline in the lobby area; a lighted hallway tracks visitors, following their navigation to displays of real-time attack data; a War Room allows McAfee to showcase their defense in action; and the 19-foot interactive Solutions Table runs on an operating system developed by our labs team.


In working with McAfee, we discovered we couldn't always predict what they would want to display in the future, so we adapted our programming to empower ability to quickly switch out any document or presentation. Because their story would change over time, we built flexibility into the application to enable them to display various forms of content, at any time. We also used live data feeds to power the real-time depiction of global threats, and created interactive scenario generators to allow customers to create relevant security situations and model how they could detect and prevent attacks.


Concept Development

User Experience

Front-End Development

Back-End Development

Brand Strategy

Art Direction & Design

Environmental Design



Interior Design

Motion Graphics

Technology Systems


McAfee’s vigilance is made highly visible throughout the McAfee experience on platforms such as the Global Threat Wall, Solutions Table, and even with view into the server room.

Customers discover the “Anatomy of Attack” upon the interactive Solutions Table that presents simulations of how viruses attack a network.

The War Room is designed for the monitoring of real-time threats across networks. (Downstream only designed the room furnishings and AV, not the programming.)

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