Workspace Design & Branding

Downstream has partnered with Nike WD+C to deliver over 40 workspace projects worldwide.

Nike Workspace Design & Branding


Since 2012, Downstream formed a strategic partnership with Nike’s internal workspace design team (WD+C). Nike and Downstream have enjoyed a long relationship telling brand stories collaborating on numerous projects worldwide.


Create Nike’s new and future workplace environments across the world. Working with Nike’s internal design team and specialized vendors, our studios are bringing the Nike brand to life through graphic systems, material language and interior space design.


As both design and brand partner, our role has been to lead the creative process with Nike, understand country-specific branding and workspace requirements to help guide the design process and creation of production artwork for each region. A comprehensive and seamless vision integrates local and brand stories in a seamless design.


To date, Downstream has delivered dozens of projects under the direction of WD+C leadership across three continents. Influenced by insights from Nike’s regional offices, our team has partnered with architects, artists, and designers to weave local sport and design culture into Nike workplaces around the world.


Concept Development

Brand Strategy

Creative Direction

Art Direction


Project Management

At Nike’s European Logistics Campus (ELC) in Laakdal, Belgium, branding takes a prominent role in bringing the mission of Nike to life in a location where products are distributed across the EMEA region daily. The 8,000 square meter facility supported a staff of 500 with dining, retail, sports, HR, and IT service facilities.

We worked with Nike’s WD+C design team to create an environmental graphic system that connected the overall Northern Europe business unit. The graphic system was built upon a visual system created for Nike’s retail presence in the Northern European marketplace.

The Nike Paris workplace accelerates the brand’s ability to serve athletes and connect employees to the creative process. By capturing the essence of Parisian flair, North United embodies the spirit of Paris through layered experiences and storytelling.

The strategy for the Barcelona workspace was to absorb the energy of the city, and local sports culture, into the office space. We partnered with the project architects to create design concepts and helped to coordinate local artists to deliver rich ideas and designs to inspire and energize the office.

Nike’s European Logistics Campus (ELC) Court is one of six major facilities of this 210.000 square meter campus. We provided space planning, interior design, and branding services.

We worked with Nike’s WD+C design team and partnered with local architectural firm, Kinzo, to create environmental graphics connecting the Central Europe business unit. Storytelling played a crucial role in connecting workspace to the youthful and dynamic energy of Berlin culture.

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