Texas Rangers

Globe Life Field Preview Center

Rangers Baseball - Only Better!

Globe Life Field Preview Center


The Texas Rangers have been one of baseball’s most successful franchises and are moving to a state-of-the-art new home.


How do you express the vision of a new stadium experience to a fanbase who already enjoys a great game day? More than simply a ticket sales tool, we helped the Texas Rangers create an immersive, team-branded experience to help sell the future of the franchise.


Rangers Baseball - Only Better! The Globe Life Field Sales Center welcomes all prospective partners as well as current fans of the Texas Rangers with an amazing glimpse of the future—connecting what’s great about the baseball experience they love with enhanced amenities, comfort and excitement. The story of the Texas Rangers and their fans is woven throughout the space both graphically and through historic team artifacts. A scale model with digital projection show visitors the energy of the park, Texas Live and the entire stadium district through various animated modes. The social media wall, custom uniform builder and photo booth create digital experiences that reach beyond the center. The second floor includes an immersive theater, mock suites and club space that bring the premium experience to life.


The Globe Life Field Sales Center is a pivotal tool for the Texas Rangers as they drive revenue and fan excitement for their new home. The mix of physical and digital experiences bring the new stadium to life for potential customers and partners. The unique celebrations of Rangers culture and history enhance the sales process by connecting the incredible spirit of the franchise and its fans to their new home.


Concept Development

User Experience

Front-End Development

Back-End Development

Brand Strategy

Environmental Design

Art Direction



Interior Design

Motion Graphics

Technology Systems


Revenue & Sales Strategy

Visitors are welcomed by a custom-built reception desk with a burnt wood and neon logo.

Potential customers can request information specific to their needs through the interactive touch screens, helping Rangers sales staff prepare relevant information for discussion.

The main area of the preview center immerses you in the Rangers brand and shows the future of the new ballpark.

A scale model of the new ballpark includes various projection modes highlighting the array of activity at the site.

The waiting area includes Rangers artifacts, trophies and a unique digital uniform-builder.

Each conference room uniquely highlights a Rangers great.

An interactive display takes you on a tour of Rangers history highlighted in the center.

The Box photobooth creates a moment for fans and visitors that reaches out beyond the center through social media.

The second floor includes a mock club and bar area.

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