Innovation Center

"Downstream's creative expertise and solutions enabled us to collaborate more effectively with our customers and deliver a consistent world-class briefing experience."

Jon Hadfield - Executive Briefing Strategy Manager, EMEA


Verizon is one of the largest communication technology companies in the world.


Verizon set out to create a new Innovation Center in London as a means to engage more directly with Enterprise customers and partners in the EMEA region, as well as underline Verizon’s transformation as a Global Technology Solutions Provider. The centre needed to be an extension of Verizon’s family of Innovation Centers, but relevant to a local audience. The primary challenge facing the project team for the London Center was to translate a customer experience that occupies up to 20,000 square feet in Verizon's U.S. centers into a 2,500 square foot floor plan.


Working in a smaller footprint at the London Center, this goal was achieved by creating focused experiential areas that could converge into each other to create a layered demo and content experience. Visit choreography is designed to take advantage of multiple modes at each touch-point. We determined direct touch and multi-touch interaction was necessary to showcase innovation and encourage customer participation. Large-scale displays support multi-user interaction as well as group presentation requirements. Object recognition tables in the IoT area add a wow factor and create a physical gateway to an immersive digital experience.


The result has been an extension of the award-winning Verizon Innovation Program into a new marketplace. By incorporating real solutions that Verizon’s technology leadership makes possible and using a flexible approach to demos and storytelling, we enable engaging conversations that lead to meaningful partnerships and increased sales. for Verizon in EMEA. The center has become a hub of innovation and design thinking for application developers and device makers from around the world.


Concept Development

User Experience

Front-End Development

Back-End Development

Brand Strategy

Art Direction & Design

Environmental Design



Interior Design

Space Planning

Motion Graphics

Technology Systems


The Lab is a highly flexible demo space that enables layered storytelling and immersive content experiences.

The Vision Wall serves as the heart of the content experience. Multiple modes support customized Welcome, Program and Brand Anthems, Immersive Presentations, Backdrop vignettes for Lab demos and self guided exploration. All supported by content from Verizon and a custom CMS application developed for the London EBC.

The Entry and Reception set the tone for the experience through a compelling mission statement, introduction of the materials palette the theme of the Center: Open For Innovation.

The IoT zone is devoted to the potential of this transformative set of technologies such as sensors, networking and cloud computing. Vertical specific solutions can be explored via an object recognition interactive table triggered by 3D printed objects that is mirrored on the adjacent wall for larger groups. The table itself functions as a white-boarding surface to enable deeper collaboration.

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